The Couple


Julia and Dayalan – a match made in Heaven, but initially…Wembley

Dayalan and Julia (who never want to be jointly known as Dulia) initially met at her birthday party in 2012. They soon bonded through their common interests of eating cheeseburgers, listening to old school soul music and even for a while learning the drums together!

Both originally hailing from sunny islands surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, they both shunned that life for the concrete jungle of London, in particular Wembley! They live about five minutes apart at present which makes it really easy for when Dayalan is hungry 🙂 Speaking of food, Julia has grown very fond of Sri Lankan delicacies such as mutton rolls and fish patties!

Dayalan has ironically had to take on the role of black history teacher to Julia while simultaneously learning all about the intricacies of black hair care!

He has also coerced/forced her into supporting his football team, Liverpool FC, result!

They are both extremely grateful for the massive support they’ve received from family and friends and are looking forward to celebrating their union in the eyes of God and you all too, and especially to married life together after that…